NextGen Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies:
Where nerdy dreams come true!
By Ishani Sasdev, Executive Faculty

Attendees will get the chance to experience the wonders of 3D Printing, Space Elevators, Artifact Handling and much more! Students will be able to associate scientific theories with reality and see science at work. They will also be able to touch the pieces of technology that made the foundation for modern advances, and design and create their own!

Remembering Earth Project!
Have you ever wondered what it might feel like travelling to Mars? How you would carry souvenirs that would remind you of your home- Earth?

Now you can design them!

The Remembering Earth Project is an open competitions for all interested students! Students will design and print small artifacts that will remind them of Earth while en route to Mars! The winners will get certificates and prizes to be announced

Students will be introduced to the wonders of 3D Printing and BlocksCAD by Dr. David Thornburg on Friday. He will be giving out pdf copies of his book, and will be providing the students with a printing lab where students will be able to observe the wonders of printing with plastic!
Space Elevators are an exciting new advance in the journey to making space accessible to man. Pete Swan, President of the International Space Elevator Consortium will be demonstrating and presenting to students the marvels of space elevator developments.
High Altitude balloons are a unique and innovative way of conducting research and gathering atmospheric and climatic data. Students will get a chance to experience the radio communications used by these balloons.
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