Meagan Crawford

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner at Brand Delta-V

Meagan Crawford, Managing Partner at Brand Delta-V, is
a leading space industry advocate, as well as a marketing and public relations expert who specializes in helping companies communicate the benefits of their product, brand, and stock offering. As a successful entrepreneur herself, she draws on years of experience across a wide range of industries including oil & gas, entertainment, consumer products, and biotech. In the past decade, she has turned her expertise towards the most exciting new business sector of this generation: NewSpace.

Meagan is also a Principal of Ramsey Financial, a Houston-based family office where she investigates cutting-edge business sectors, such as NewSpace, as part of Ramsey’s long-term investment initiatives. Since 2009, she has also been a managing team member of the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, where she has reviewed hundreds of space startup business plans and coached dozens of teams on how to strengthen their investment offering.

Brand Delta-V was created for one purpose. To bring world class marketing to the commercial space industry. The boutique agency is managed by marketing experts with careers that span more than three decades in a variety of industries. Former clients include some of the world’s largest and most successful business-to-business (B2B) brands
— clients like Pfizer, DuPont, Schlumberger, U.S. Steel, and Siemens.

But we’re no longer interested in the best clients on Earth.  Just like you, we feel that we can do better. We want to produce the best B2B marketing in the universe. We’ve spent nearly a decade building a great network of companies, media, and individuals in the most interesting industry in human history. A network that can increase your visibility, and with the right tactics, increase your sales.
Brand Delta-V understands how important it is to manage each step of your buyer’s journey. Which is why we pride ourselves on the personalized service that allows us to get to know each client’s product — inside and out. With a proven track record of consistent results, born from techniques and messaging tailored exclusively to space companies, we provide a complete suite of full-funnel marketing services. Brand Delta-V will continue to change the velocity of the space industry, one client at a time.