Space Business

Space Business

This track will explore emerging commercial opportunities in the regime between LEO, HEO and beyond made possible by lower cost space access and an available on-orbit space platform, the ISS, that facilitates research and commercial operations. The track will touch upon the technical and financial challenges being addressed by the myriad of emerging commercial firms involved in areas such as space tourism, on-orbit additive manufacturing (3D-printing), high value sample return from orbit, robotic self-assembly of space structures, CubeLabs/CubeSats, CubeSat constellations, orbital debris collection and disposal, the establishment of resource debris orbits, satellite servicing/refueling, commercial space stations; LEO habitats & hotels, on-orbit fabrication and assembly, power beaming, communications, situational awareness, in-space Internet, in situ asteroidal assay probes, and asteroid mining.

Chair: Cliff McMurray, CEO, Antares Enterprises LLC.

Clifford R. McMurray is the CEO of Antares Enterprises LLC, a professional business communications company. He graduated cum laude from Wichita State University with a B.A. in History. He also holds an MBA from the University of Scranton, graduating summa cum laude (first in his class). After graduation he spent a year of postgraduate study as a Fulbright fellow in Germany, studying economics and aerospace engineering. A former Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Policy Committee of the National Space Society, he has served as business programming track chairman for the International Space Development Conference for the past several years. Mr. McMurray is particularly sought-after as a speaker and writer on aerospace topics, with a flair for lucid and lively exposition of political and technological issues. He has been published in books, newspapers, websites and nationally circulated magazines.

Co-Chair: Steve Jorgenson, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager at Viridian Financial Management

Co-founder and Portfolio Manager at Viridian Financial Management. Founder and Investment Representative for Fifth Point Advisors. Partner at Space Finance Group Holdings.

Steven began his career on the chaotic trading floors of the Chicago Board of the Trade (CBOT), the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), and as a Member of the Chicago Stock Exchange while working for Stafford Trading. His work with fixed income instruments then led to a position as Portfolio Manager for a private Florida-based corporate bond fund. Seeking additional challenges, Steven founded Viridian Financial Management in 2006, where he is currently Portfolio Manager of a hedge fund specializing in equity options trading.

While living in Florida, he rekindled his interest in all things space-related, and recognized an industry in desperate need of new financial and business solutions. Steven co-founded Space Finance Group Holdings LLC with other like-minded advocates in 2011 to begin addressing some of the specific needs of the commercial space industry. SFG has tackled a range of efforts involving business, finance, and crowdfunding consultation, with current projects such as the Integrated Space Plan update, and a first-of-its-kind investment vehicle currently in formation.