NextGen T.R.A.C.K.S.

Thinking, Researching, Analyzing, Creative, Knowledgable Students!

Welcome to the Revitalized, Future-Ready NextGen Student Program!

We have new and reimagined sessions and hands-on activities to improve student skill sets, avail STEM opportunities, participate in once-in-a-lifetime activities and networking, all while integrating students into the presidentially-amazing adult programming at the ISDC. We’re prepared to inspire, guide, and focus students on blossoming into the leaders of tomorrow.

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Jason Branham

NextGen TRACKS is a supplement program to students’ conference experience which overlays the ISDC programming. TRACKS is an Acronym for our T.R.A.C.K.S.: Thinking, Researching, Analyzing, Creative, and Knowledgeable Students; our holistic pedagogy promotes students gaining new knowledge, understandings, and skills. Moreover, TRACKS are mini-sessions within ‘track’ categories, including: Academic Processes, Intro to STEM Disciplines, Vocation Rotation, Mentorship, Communications Workshop, Creative Technologies.

The NextGen TRACKS will include hands-on learning experiences about interesting things of the NextGen, like 3D Printing, Space Elevators, and so much more!

Adults and students alike definitely do not want to miss out this year!

Additionally, students will be able to meet with professionals working in different STEM fields and learn about integral, even if unseen, career paths. These  programs and events have been specially designed to help students make informed decisions about careers and developing professionalism.

Online Supplements to NextGen TRACKS! Students will now be given Moodle access to interact with additional online resources, professional and STEM networking, conference details, et cetera.  “Boop!” is a learning-management software for our faculty in implementing our program, created in-house by NextGen’s Learning Management Systems Director. This software manages our student check-in and check-out processes by scanning students’ badges. Also, it allows students to earn credit towards their certificates when attending required sessions.

Students will use their earned points to ‘purchase’ souvenir giveaways at our concluding “Point Shopping” event!

We will award ISDC Participation Certificates to middle and high-school, attending student participants whom complete our program’s core-required activities. Contact us at [email protected] for special exceptions, considerations, or accommodations.

As you join us in St. Louis, the NextGen Team ensures you’ll love this “once in a lifetime” experience for every single one of you ‘Space-cadets’ or STEM-futurists.

I look forward to meeting and learning from all of you in May!

Jason Branham, Chair

To know more about NextGen TRACKS programming, click here.

Check back to this site frequently as we update and hone our 2017 program! Updated weekly.