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Vocation Rotation

Unites professionals from various interdisciplinary STEM concentrations,
giving  students an “elevator talk”  introduction to the professional’s particular focus or field of study.

This event will occur twice during the conference, splitting the quantity of students into two groups.

Each student will rotate once through a number of “Vocation Stations” during this event.

At each station, a professional from a particular STEM field will be present to “elevator-talk” to the students about his/her career in that particular field.

Prior, students will have a small session preparing them to interact in these rotations, asking appropriate questions, engaging in deepening conversations, and springboarding career visions from the mentors.

Over 15 Space-related, sub-STEM disciplines to students, in an informal setting. The emcee will call time, somewhere around 5-7 minutes, and students will rotate stations, beginning conversation with a new professional of a different concentration.

This has been designed to allow students to recognize and identify a career in STEM fields. Professional help will allow students to explore more fields than the generic existing ones. It will help them combine their various interests into one career line in which they are more likely to succeed. Not only this, it may help the student develop a pathway to the career line he/she has dreamed of through expert advice. This track is sure to expand the students’ knowledge of STEM fields by a huge margin! Who knows, they might just choose a new and unique career path!

Share Your Professional Passion

Attending ISDC 2017? Will you be free to be a professional mentor for our Vocation Rotation event on Friday and Saturday, 2-3:45?


We’re collecting mentors to advise students on the developments and paths to present scientific advances and endeavors. This is mostly focussed on academics, career paths, research, and professional opportunities which students might consider.

We will pair mentors’ concentrations, focusses, restrictions, requests, and limits, with students’ interests and requests following our “Vocation Rotation” event. The NextGen officers will send an email of introduction between the mentors and mentees.

Students should further initiate a formal conversation with the mentor, posing questions as to guide the students in interests, careers, and passions.

The mentor-mentee relationship is further governed by the two individuals. They may correspond, meet digitally, physically, or at both parties’ mutual convenience.

Executive Faculty for Vocation Rotation and Mentorship: Prerana Mantri

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