About ISDC in Saint Louis

The Mission

The mission of ISDC® 2017 is connecting knowledge seekers of all backgrounds in the spirit of Space exploration, development, and discovery. If you’ve never attended an ISDC®, always attend, or occasionally attend, the 36th annual ISDC® should not be missed! Meet me in St. Louis!

Why St. Louis?

Lewis and Clark began their journey to explore the West from St. Louis. The Eads Bridge in St. Louis was the first steel bridge across the Mississippi. Some business men in St. Louis funded the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh in his Spirit of St. Louis airplane. McDonnell Aircraft Company built the Mercury Spacecraft that took the first American, John Glenn, into orbit. Boeing in St. Louis has recently designed and built some flight simulators for its new Starliner Spacecraft.

To learn more about St. Louis air and Space history CLICK HERE

Conference Information

The International Space Development Conference® will begin with pre-conference seminars and tours on Thursday, May 25, 2017. The conference will continue all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day will open with a plenary session at 9:00 AM followed by multiple concurrent tracks. The conference will include a large Exhibit Midway bustling with aerospace companies, innovative makers, authors, artists, and vendors. Multiple networking opportunities including receptions, lunches, dinners, and after-hours social events will allow participants to meet people of similar interests and aspirations. Meals are an additional cost. The conference will end on Monday with morning programming and lunch. Plan now to attend ISDC® 2017!