ISDC Student Certificates

ISDC Certificates will be awarded to students whom attend the majority of the required sessions of NextGen TRACKS.  We will work with students whom need special accommodations, considerations, and substitutions.  Chaperones and NextGen Faculty members are eligible to earn certificates as well.


Certificate Requirements …
What’s New?

This year’s ISDC certificates have been improved to better reflect the achievements and participations of students. In previous years, mere attendance resulted in an ISDC certificate; that does not reflect students’ role in ISDC. This year’s certificates employ a tiered recognition system that rewards and motivates students to be more proactive and engaged in the conference. Upon realizing a minimum requirement for a certificate, students become eligible for different recognition levels that can be obtained through special attendance in sessions, online activities, composing follow-up emails, or participating in workshops.

Our Learning Management System is how all students’ attendance to sessions and participation in workshops will be tracked, using a mobile-device scanner and students’ conference badges.


Moodle Points are good for “point Shopping,” an activity where students can shop for the best conference swag and privileges to reward active and dedicated learning. Additionally, students who have scored higher than the minimum requirement will be eligible to earn “Special Distinction” on their certificate, depending on how many Moodle Points they collect throughout the conference.

So … What do I have to do to get a certificate?

You must attend a reasonable majority of the required sessions. While there are many sessions hosted by ISDC 2017 and NextGen TRACKS, the sessions most critical to students’ engagement and professional development are noted as ‘required’ sessions in the programming.

Attending and participating in all sessions is recommended for the most meaningful conference experience. However, only attending most of the required-sessions is necessary to obtain a certificate.

Special Notes

Space Settlement Contest Student?

You have special requirements, accommodations, and achievements! Click here to tailor your contribution and experience at ISDC 2017.

Direct-Enroll in NextGen TRACKS.

You will be automatically enrolled if you do not self-enroll; however, you may miss early-bird announcements, weekly notes, and privileges!

Special Considerations

For special considerations for our Certificate requirements (if you do not have enough attendance, et cetera), you can access appeals forms from your NextGen Moodle account.